CPI manages two professional databases that we update on a regular basis. Our CYBER CONFLICT DATABASE keeps track of cyber operations with severe political, economic or social consequences.

Our CYBER INSTRUMENTS DATABASE collects governmental and organizational positions, policies, strategies and regulations addressing various aspects of cyber security and defense.

CPI databases are available upon request.



CPI has developed a modular course portfolio that allows us to deliver training and education on more general developments and trends in international cyber security or to examine specific national or regional problem areas.

CPI courses engage participants in interactive sessions combining lectures, panel discussions, table-top exercises and study visits. We introduce course participants with fundamental principles, current trends and developments, interesting ideas and thought leaders in the field. CPI lecturers employ modern educational approaches and provide participants with fact sheets, references and other information for further studies.

The following list provides examples of courses we have prepared and delivered. All courses are tailored to the audience.

Our course catalogues and materials are available upon request.



CPI table-top exercises are our most intensive and targeted formats of education and skills development. Our exercises support enhancing awareness, increasing individual and organizational competences but also development of organizational processes and products. The format of exercises may vary from few intensive hours to scheduled engagements over a several days or weeks.

Our exercise manuals and materials are available upon request.



CPI has extensive experience with convening, designing and hosting conferences, workshops, seminars, roundtables and formats of professional events.

Our team members are frequent speakers at global, regional and national cyber security events. CPI experts also contribute to academic and professional education at civilian and military graduate/joint level institutions. We are always happy to join professional and academic discussions on international cybersecurity, law, policy and strategy.



CPI publishes calls and ideas for policy-relevant academic research in issues of international cybersecurity. Supervision and consultation of the proposed topics is available upon request.

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