23 November 2018 CPI released its first Policy Science Paper “Taboo in International Cyber Affairs”.

17 November 2018 Dr Eneken Tikk participated at the Europe-China Cyber Expert Meeting organized by the EUISS in Brussels.

16 November 2018 Dr Eneken Tikk delivered a speech on Sovereignty and Technology at the conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Estonian Declaration of Sovereignty.

6 November 2018 On behalf of Ellex Raidla Law Firm, Dr Eneken Tikk attended the meeting of the Estonian Law Students Association to discuss issues and developments in international and national cybersecurity.

1-2 November 2018 Dr Eneken Tikk attended the Geneva Dialogue on Responsible Behavior in Cyberspace on behalf of the ICT4Peace Foundation.

31 October 2018 Dr Eneken Tikk spoke at the Communications and Electronics Association’s Cyber Symposium “Cyber – Delivering Operational Effects” in Kingston, Ontario.

29 October 2018 Dr Mika Kerttunen and Dr Eneken Tikk visited Temple University to discuss the development of cyber norms at the class of Regulating Cyberthreats. The discussion was moderated by professor Duncan Hollis.

29 October 2018 Dr Eneken Tikk and Dr Mika Kerttunen presented the commentary of the UN GGE recommendations on responsible state behavior in cyberspace at the invitation of the Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations. The event was moderated by Ambassador Marja Lehto, Finnish Expert in the 2016/2017 UN GGE.

22 October 2018 Norwegian Institute for International Affairs published the report on international cyber diplomacy “Parabasis: International Cyber-diplomacy in Stalemate”. Dr Eneken Tikk and Dr Mika Kerttunen co-authored this publication.

17 October 2018 Dr Eneken Tikk attended NIAS2018 to discuss the legal and policy challenges that the Alliance faces when developing cyber security and defence capabilities.

11-12 October 2018 Dr Eneken Tikk and Dr Mika Kerttunen attended a workshop organized by Moscow State University. The workshop was followed by discussions of international cyber diplomacy and policy with our Russian colleagues.

10 October 2018 Dr Mika Kerttunen agreed in cooperation with the Finnish Society of Military Sciences and the Finnish Cadet Association to organize a conference on Russian approaches to international cyber policy in Helsinki in September 2019.

5 October 2018 “International Cybersecurity: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark” Tikk & Kerttunen’s policy brief was published by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI).

4 October 2018 Dr Eneken Tikk, together with Derek O’Halloran, Jarno Limnell, Karol Mattila and Raul Rikk spoke at “Digital Trade and Cyber Security: Catalysts for Development?” This panel discussion was co-organized by Estonia and Finland as part of the Public Forum “Trade 2030” of the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

26-28 September 2018 Dr Mika Kerttunen spoke at the Asia Foundation conference on Dialogue on Regional Cybersecurity Cooperation and the Pacific in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

25 September 2018 Eneken Tikk, on behalf of the ICT4Peace Foundation, moderated a discussion during the High-Level Event on Cyber Security, hosted by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and supported by UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA).

6-7 September 2018 Eneken Tikk and Mika Kerttunen conducted the Third Senior Level Workshop on International Cyber Security Policy and Diplomacy for CLMV Countries at Siemreap, Cambodia. This engagement is led by the ICT4Peace Foundation and focuses on the interaction between national resilience and prowess and international cybersecurity endeavours.

27-31 August 2018 Eneken Tikk served as a seminar co-leader during the course on the applicability of international law to state behaviour in cyberspace conducted by the George C. Marshall European Center in partnership with the U.S. Department of State, the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

28-30 August 2018 Mika Kerttunen served as seminar leader during the George C. Marshall European Center’s Global Cyber Security Community of Interest Workshop.