10 March 2020 CPI is partnering with the Erik Castren Institute on 1nternat10nal law. More about the project soon!

4 March 2020 Here are Eneken’s reflections on 1nternat10nal Law discussions held in Helsinki in September 2019.

18 February 2020 Eneken and Mika conduct a cyber operations seminar at Tallinn University of Technology. Syllabus available upon request!

14 February 2020 Please find online the Routledge Handbook of International Cybersecurity, edited by Tikk & Kerttunen!

28 January 2020 CPI is working on a reference curriculum and a mass open online course on 1nternat10nal law together with the University of Lapland.

20 January 2020 Our New Year break is over. Here are our recent thoughts on cyber diplomacy.

21 December 2019 CPI wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will be on leave until January 20, 2020!

19-20 December 2019 Eneken and Mika attend the second meeting of the Reflection Group on the future of the EU’s cyber-diplomacy.

17 December 2019 Eneken speaks at PCSS-20 on the whole-of-government approach to cybersecurity.

16 December 2019 Eneken is a speaker at the Nineteenth Conference of the International Information Security Research Consortium (IISRC) held in Moscow. Together with Professor Anatoly Streltsov, she introduces the study conducted between the Russian and western scholars on the implementation of the UN GGE 2015 recommendations on responsible state behavior.

9-10 December 2019 Eneken participated in the cyber dialogue between the EU, Japan and Korea in Tokyo.

3-19 December 2019 Mika is a syndicate lead at Marshall Center’s Program on Cyber Security Studies (PCSS-20) held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

2-4 December 2019 Mirva Salminen represented CPI at the inter-sessional consultations meeting of the Open-ended Working Group on international information security in New York. We are grateful to the EU Cyber Direct program for supporting her trip!

30 November 2019 the first call for papers closes for the International Journal of Digital Peace and Security, produced by CPI for the Tallinn University of Technology.

20 November 2019 Eneken and Mika have concluded a long and fruitful cooperation with the ICT4Peace Foundation. CPI is now developing an independent training and exercise portfolio.

20 November 2019 CPI’s Cyber Conflict Factbook is now available online. Print copies are available upon request. CPI thanks Microsoft for supporting this product.

18-19 November 2019 CPI held its annual workshop in Tallinn, Estonia.

14-15 November 2019 Mika and Eneken attended EUISS workshops on resilience (14.11) and deterrence (15.11) in Brussels.

13 November 2019 SC Media UK announced Eneken among the 50 leading European Women in Cyber-security for 2019.

11-13 November 2019 CPI hosted a working session with Professor Streltsov from Moscow State University in Jyväskylä, Finland.

9 November 2019 Mika and Eneken were keynote speakers at the ECoHuCy final conference at the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi, Finland.

4 November 2019 Mika and Eneken started the 2019 fall class of ‘Cyber, World and International Law’ in the University of Jyväskylä. The course will run until January 2020.

1 November 2019 Eneken’s first day as the Executive Producer, CPI.

30-31 October 2019 Eneken attended the Women in Cyber Security Workshop organized by Qatar University in Doha.

25 October 2019 Mika and Eneken participated in the first session of the Reflection Group on the future of the EU’s cyber-diplomacy, a task-force of European scholars tasked with developing a blueprint for the EU’s Cyber Diplomacy Strategy by July 2020.

21-22 October 2019 Eneken and Mika attended the launch of the study book on International Information Security: Theory and Practice in Moscow. The launch took place as part of the conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of MGIMO.

9 October 2019 Eneken Tikk gave a keynote “How does GDPR protect in cyber war?” at the World Lottery Association’s cybersecurity conference in Ljubljana. Slovenia.

27-28 September 2019 CPI co-organized the 1NTERNAT10NAL LAW Workshop in Helsinki, Finland, together with Erik Castrén Institute and EU Cyber Direct.

24 September 2019 Eneken attended the expert workshop “The Dilemmas of Attribution. Between politics and law”, co-organized by the EU Cyber Direct, the Hague program for Cyber Norms and the University of Leiden

24 September 2019 Eneken attended the expert workshop “Stronger Together. Public-private cooperation to respond to malicious cyber activities”, organized by the EU Cyber Direct in partnership with the European External Action Service and Microsoft.

4 September 2019 Mika Kerttunen delivered a presentation on cyber norms for defense officials and experts from some 50 countries and five international organizations at the 2019 Seoul Defense Dialogue.

15-16 August 2019 Eneken Tikk and Mika Kerttunen observed the regional consultations between OAS, UN GGE and the Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) in Washington, DC.

14 August 2019 Mika Kerttunen and Eneken Tikk were part of the OAS-EU-UNGGE consultation in Washington, DC.

13 August 2019 On behalf of the ICT4Peace Foundation, Eneken Tikk and Mika Kerttunen conducted a workshop on international cybersecurity at the OAS in Washington, DC.

18 July 2019 CPI is developing a Cyber Conflict Factbook. This material is to support study and analysis of legal, political, organizational and technical implications of cyber conflict. The study reviews 45 known or alleged state-sponsored cyber incidents between 2005 and 2019.

16 July 2019 Eneken Tikk delivered a presentation on cyber operations and international law at INCIBE’s Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp in Leon, Spain.

12 July 2019 Eneken Tikk taught a class on Cyber Law, Policy and Diplomacy to a group of students of the Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.

8-11 July 2019 Eneken Tikk and Mika Kerttunen participated as teachers at the first Singaporean cyber policy executive course.

4 July 2019 Eneken Tikk delivered a workshop on Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes at the Expert Dialogue on How International Law Applies in Cyberspace organized by the Swiss FDFA in Geneva.

1-3 July 2019 Mika Kerttunen and Eneken Tikk made a presentation on development and implementation of national cybersecurity strategies and legislation to the participants of the first annual meeting of the OSCE CBM 8 Points of Contact in Vienna.

26 June 2019 Eneken Tikk delivered a talk on the application of international law in cyberspace at C-Days 2019 Cybersecurity Conference in Porto.

20 June 2019 Eneken Tikk attended EU-UNGGE regional consultations in Brussels. Click here for the input paper co-authored with Patryk Pawlak and others.

15 June 2019 Ethics and Armed Forces Journal published an essay on Cyber, War and Cyberwar co-authored by Eneken and Mika.

10 June 2019 Check out Eneken’s 4th Cyber Norms Blog Post with ICT4Peace!

4 June 2019 Eneken Tikk participated at the round table on cybersecurity organized by the Estonian Banking Association.

29 May 2019 CPI attended CyCon Side Meeting on Application of International Law in Cyberspace.

24 May 2019 Mika Kerttunen and Eneken Tikk contributed to the discussion on escalation and de-escalation in cyber incident management at SIPRI.

20-23 May 2019 Eneken Tikk was seminar co-leader at the Marshall Center’s course on Application of International Law to State Behavior in Cyberspace.

15-16 May 2019 Eneken Tikk and Mika Kerttunen were speakers at the 4th Central Asian Internet Governance Forum “Internet for the empowerment of Central Asia” in Tashkent.

14 May 2019 NUPI published CPI’s policy report ‘The Politics of Stability: Cement and Change in Cyber Affairs”.

10 May 2019 CPI visited NUPI.

5 May 2019 Our first joint blog with APNIC focuses on national cybersecurity strategy development. The full report “National Cybersecurity Strategies: Commitment to Development” and annex can be found here.

29 April – 01 May 2019 Eneken Tikk and Mika Kerttunen participated at MIT’s 7th Cyber Norms Conference in Cambridge, MA.

25 April 2019 Eneken Tikk shared her views on the issue of 5G and cybersecurity in Estonia.

21-23 April 2019 Eneken Tikk and Mika Kerttunen attended the Thirteenth International Forum “Partnership of State Authorities, Civil Society and the Business Community in Ensuring International Information Security” in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

15-16 April 2019 Eneken Tikk participated at the EU Cyber Forum in Brussels. She chaired the opening remarks of professor Martti Koskenniemi on “International law in cyberspace: does it exist and do we need it?”

13 April 2019 EUISS published CPI’s study on normative aspects of national cybersecurity strategies. The annex to this study can be found here.

20 March 2019 Eneken Tikk made a presentation on “EU, a cybersecurity power?” at the 11th Privacy Forum of Data Privacy Institute, an initiative of ISMS Forum Spain, in Madrid.

19 March 2019 Eneken Tikk attended the EU Cyber Direct workshop on EU Cyber Diplomacy 2019-2021 in Brussels.

27-28 February 2019 Eneken Tikk made a presentation about cyber conflict at the workshop on Cybersecurity and Strengthening Democratic Processes, organized by OAS at the St. Hugh’s College, Oxford.

15 February 2019 CPI concluded a cooperation memorandum with Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) to work on cybersecurity governance issues and capacity building.

8 February 2019 Eneken Tikk made a presentation on international law at the Conference “Second Bachilo’s Readings”, organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

28-29 January 2019 Eneken Tikk and Mika Kerttunen participated at the European Cyber Diplomacy Dialogue organized by EU Cyber Direct program.