Cyber Policy Institute (CPI) is a private non-profit entity focusing on strategic cyber security and stability. The Institute contributes to and facilitates cybersecurity dialogue between governments, industry and the civil society.

Standing for an inclusive and balanced discourse on international cyber peace and security as well as national development, CPI seeks to contribute to all and any efforts to maintain and design information and communication technologies in a safe, open and transparent manner that for us is a prerequisite of international peace and security, economic prosperity as well as societal and individual empowerment.

Founded in 2014 in support of the Estonian contribution to the UN Group of Governmental Experts (UN GGE) on international information security, CPI has expanded its focus to Nordic and Baltic experience and lessons learned in digital development and security.

The Institute is committed to critical and independent thinking about normative and political aspects of international cybersecurity. CPI offers policy-relevant avant-garde advice and research that applies the views, concepts and methods of International Law, International Relations, security studies and developmental studies.