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Eneken Tikk-Ringas - CPI
Eneken Tikk-Ringas


Eneken Tikk founded CPI together with Mika Kerttunen in 2014. Currently, Eneken is Senior Fellow of The Hague Programme for Cyber Norms at Leiden University institute of Global and Security Affairs. Her research focuses on international cyber diplomacy, development of international law with the view of State uses of ICTs and the role of emerging technologies in international relations. She has been advisor at three consecutive Estonian delegations to the UN Group of Governmental Experts on Information security and provided strategic and legal advice to several other governments on international cyber engagement. Eneken has supported the ICT for Peace Foundation international cyber security capacity building activities since 2014 as course director and lecturer. She is the author of the landmark article “Ten Rules for Cyber Security” (Survival 53, 2011), and the editor and lead author of the Strategic Dossier on the Evolution of the Cyber Domain: Implications for National and International Security, published in 2016 by IISS/Routledge.

Mika Kerttunen


Mika Kerttunen is retired Finnish army LTC and doctor in social sciences (world politics, University of Helsinki). He is adjunct professor in military strategy at the FI NDU and visiting faculty member at University of Tartu Law School. The last three years Mika has been focusing on cyber issues in foreign and security policy, the development of cyber norms, and the development of national cyber security strategies and military cyber doctrines. During the 2014-2015 GGGE he was consultant to the Estonian delegation and he served as advisor to the Finnish expert in the 2016-2017 Group. Mika contributes frequently ICT for Peace Foundation’s regional cybersecurity capacity-building events, and to General George C. Marshall Center Program on Cyber Security Studies.