Critical and independent thinking

We are committed to critical and independent thinking about international cyber legislative and political issues.

Advice and research

We offer policy-relevant avant-garde advice and research that applies the views, concepts and methods used in the disciplines of International Law, International Relations, security studies and developmental studies.

Complementary approach

We stand for an inclusive and balanced discourse on international cyber peace and security as well as national development.


CPI Team brings together independent and critical thinkers with interdisciplinary interests and skills. Team work combines individual strengths and interest areas, which makes the work we do qualitative, thorough, and detailed. We encourage innovative thinking and constructive criticism. (more…)



Present CPI is the partner of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in launching the Cyber Norms Platform. CPI conducts background research for the Annual Review of International Cyber Security...


2016 Mika Kerttunen, ‘Viro ja Suomi: liian lähellä, niin kaukana’ (Estonia and Finland: too close, so far away), in Suomen turvallisuuspoliittinen ratkaisu, ed., Fred Blombergs (Finnish Security Policy, 2016) (Helsinki:...