Cyber Policy Institute (CPI) is a private non-profit foundation that is committed to critical and independent thinking about international cyber policy issues. Our main research and analysis areas include:

  • international law and the norms, rules and principles on responsible State behaviour in cyberspace
  • national cyber security strategies
  • assessment of national military cyber capabilities
  • legislative drafting in the field on cyber security.

We offer policy-relevant avant-garde advice and research that applies the views, concepts and methods used in the disciplines of International Law, International Relations, security studies and developmental studies.

CPI works with a wide range of actors, and participates in various events and processes. We stand for an inclusive and balanced discourse on international cyber peace and security as well as national development. We therefore take a complementary approach to research and development.

Our team members are frequent speakers at global, regional and national cyber security events. We work to make novel research tools available and to integrate international research community. We also contribute to academic and professional education at civilian and military graduate/joint level institutions.